Ditch & Switch: Dryer Sheets

Who likes that fresh laundry smell?
Are wool dryer balls and essential oils not cutting it for you?

Then you need to check out dryer angels! I’ve been using mine for a year (along with all of the other products from this company) But before we get into what dryer angels are let’s back up to why you need to ditch conventional dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets are the most common way to transform the way your clothes smell but unfortunately, most dryer sheets are loaded with toxic chemicals — or if natural, they are usually “meh” in terms their effectiveness.

Did you know that dryer sheets are one of the most toxic products you can have in your home?

🚫 Dryer sheets are among the worst offenders for harboring chemicals linked to hormone disruption, asthma, migraines, gastrointestinal distress, runny nose, and skin issues.

🚫 Many dryer sheets contain chemicals that react with the air to create formaldehyde, a probable human carcinogen.

Wondering what some safe options are⁉️
✅ Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle.
✅ Use wool dryer balls. They also cut down dryer time. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Or what I’m excited to share more about..
Dryer Angels
No silicones, ethers, petroleum distillates, or any endocrine/hormone disrupting chemicals.

Made with essential oils and smells out of this world. If you like a nice laundry smell that lasts, this is for you!

Besides being adorable and smelling amazing, I love the mission behind these angels!

The founder has always had a passion for serving the Deaf. This passion led her to a ministry in Jamaica called the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf (CCCD).
This ministry provides education, housing and employment opportunities for the Deaf in Jamaica. Each Angel is made with hands of love by a member of the Jamaica Deaf Village. No two are the alike because each one is handmade for you by a member of the Jamaica Deaf Village.
Each purchase goes to support these women and also former victims of trafficking in China! They are able to earn a sustainable, living wage in order to feed their families! How awesome is that?!

  • Fill your angel with a pouch and clip closed
  • Toss your Dryer Angel into the dryer
  • Refill Dryer Angel every 30 loads/as needed
  • Recycle or re-use your refill bag when you’re through. The angel can be reused over and over again.

I love everything about this company, their mission, their products. I love that all of the products come in reusable plastic, glass, paper and cloth materials and their mission to reduce plastic.

And best news is I have a Mindful Mommy exclusive coupon link to share with you ladies: 50 free loads!

Who’s grabbing one? I can’t wait to hear how much you all love it!

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