Toxin Free Candles

I remember back in my non crunchy life I had alllll the toxic fall scented candles. Now they would give me a serious headache! Since ditching synthetic fragrance I am hyper sensitive to scents.

Did you know more than 95 percent of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals? These chemicals include: benzene derivatives, aldehydes, phthalates, and a slew of other known toxins that are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, nervous-system disorders and allergies, most of which are cited on the EPA’s hazardous waste list

Environmental Working Group (EWG) researchers found more than 75 percent of products listing the ingredient “fragrance” contained phthalates (THAL-ates) which have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts, and cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, studies by Dr. Philip J. Landrigan of the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center, link fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders.

Now that we know why we want to stay away from conventional candles and fragrances, let’s talk about a safe swap!

I get requests from women all the time who want something other than a diffuser and essential oils. There’s just something cozy about a room lit with a candle, am I right?!

I hadn’t used candles for years when I was gifted one of these and was pleasantly surprised! No headache and not an overwhelming fragrance!

These coconut & soy wax candles are made with natural cotton wicks; free of paraffin wax, palm wax, and dyes.

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These beauties are..
✅ Hand poured in small batches by a small family owned business in Maine
✅ 100% coconut and soy wax – which is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable
✅ Pure cotton wick for a clean burn, trim between uses to prevent smoke
✅ Phthalate free scents that are safe for skin, babies, and pets
✅ Glass containers that can be repurposed and refilled!!
✅ Sustainable packaging – all recyclable materials

They offer:

  • An incredible price point for a toxin-free candle
  • Unique monthly subscription boxes with exclusive scents + free shipping
  • Wax Warmers & Melts
  • Gift sets
  •  A wide array of options
  • A pour studio to make a custom candle if you’re local to them
  • Free shipping over $75
  • REFILLS.. You can drop all of your clean empty candle jar(s) to their scent boutique, have them refilled and shipped back!

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