Don’t Be Greenwashed By Your Sunscreen.

Greenwashing is when a company markets themselves as an environmentally conscious and toxin free company but in reality if you dig past their fluffy buzz words, you can find toxic ingredients.

I was inspired to share about sunscreen brands when I saw a viral post being shared about Babyganics. A mom shared how the toxic ingredients in sunscreen caused her daughter to have Petit Mal seizures, confirmed by a pediatric neurologist.

I’ve been sharing for years that Babyganics is Greenwashed.

Did you know they lost a false advertising class-action lawsuit for claiming that their products are “natural”, “organic”, “plant-based.” Their baby sunscreen which claimed to be “mineral based” also contained several toxic chemicals, including Octinoxate and Octisalate. It was alleged that Babyganics purposely sought to deceive health-conscious consumers. In total, 247 of their products were impacted by the lawsuit!!Even worse, after losing this case, Babyganics did NOT remove the offensive ingredients from the products, they simply removed the misleading language from the packaging!

Unfortunately, Babyganics isn’t the only brand guilty of using toxic ingredients. There are tons more! Here are just a handful of offenders:

Alba Botanicals
Beauty Counter
Blue Lizard
Earth’s Best

🚫Look out for these common ingredients..

Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Homosalate, Octocrylene, phenoxyethanol, parabens, pegs, fragrance, edta.

Look for mineral sunscreen..

Non nano zinc, titanium dioxide, and reef safe!

I know it can be overwhelming when you first start reading labels. Believe me, I tossed everything over night and detoxed our entire home! That’s why I created Mindful Mommy. To help women go through the same toxin free journey I did.. without losing their minds! The good news is there are so many safe options!

✅ My family’s favorite safe swaps:
▪︎All Good
▪︎Sunlight Facial SPF

Those are the ones we personally use but also check the Masterlist for a full list of toxin free recommendations!

Don’t Be Greenwashed By Your Sunscreen.

Know better. Do better.

©️Mindful Mommy, Meghan Smallwood