Struggling to get your natural shampoo to work?

You’re not alone! One of the most common complaints I hear when women are detoxing their personal care products (after deodorant) is shampoo! Perhaps you’ve tried a bunch of natural brands and nothing is working. Your hair is greasy, heavy, dull.. your scalp is oily, dry, flaking. It could be that the shampoo is just not a good fit for your hair which is very possible, or maybe you just need to implement these easy steps!

We’ve all been washing our hair since childhood just fine so it sounds like a silly thing to post about.

Wet, lather, and rinse, right?

Well, maybe not.

I’ve changed up the way I wash my hair and it’s been a total game changer for me so I wanted to share these tips in hope that they work for you too and prevent you from switching back to conventional shampoo!

First of all, I can relate to the struggle of finding clean haircare that works. It took me years and I tried countless brands until I found my absolute favorite! If you are still searching for a clean shampoo that actually works you have to give Evolvh a try! I highly recommend it and you can read my full review I shared here. My hair and scalp have never been healthier! Feel free to use coupon code “MindfulMommy” for our 15% group discount.

Now these tips are things you probably already know but may not be doing effectively. Give it a try and see if you notice a difference!

Here’s a detailed step by step:

1. I like brushing my hair before I shower to get rid of any knots. It makes my hair more manageable when I’m lathering.

2. Get hair really wet and start rubbing scalp before even applying shampoo. Just a quick, firm rub with my fingertips (no nails!) to start to stimulate my scalp.

3. Less product and smaller sections. I apply a dime amount to my hand, rub hands together and then when I apply to my head I do it in 3 sections. Instead of applying a big glob on my hand and then trying to spread and work it throughout my whole head, (always needing to apply more for that spot that I missed) I now use way less product and get a MUCH better clean when focusing on small sections at a time. •Top left  •Top right  •Underneath and up the back of my head

4. Keep rubbing and when you think it’s time to rinse, rub some more! I give myself a deep massage for a full couple MINUTES, not seconds. Yes, my arms get tired so I take a break and then continue. My focus is all on the scalp! This is the part I’ve always known but didn’t really do well and rushed through. You ever notice when you go to the salon how they massage your head and it feels sooo good? I thought it was just a little something special they did to service you. I didn’t realize I should be doing the same when I wash my own hair! The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp! Apply firm pressure like you are doing a deep massage. Use your fingertips, never scratch with your nails. Small circular motions.

5. Use a shampoo brush scalp massager to massage and distribute the shampoo better. This little tool is the best! See below for all the benefits! I use small circular motions on all 3 sections of my scalp like I mentioned above.

6. Once my scalp has a REALLY deep clean I *partially* rinse. I step under the water just for a second to start to work the shampoo to the rest of my hair. Notice I haven’t done anything to my ends at this point, I’m really focusing on the scalp.

7. Most important step! DOUBLE wash. This is a tip I picked up as a teen and I’ve always done and it makes all the difference. If this is your first time hearing of the double wash I know what you are thinking. It may seem like a waste of product but you’ll get a much better clean and you’ll notice you can go longer in between washes. I apply a dime amount (you don’t need much at all with this second wash because it lathers REALLY well!) Rub hands together and apply one hand to top of head and the other to the back of your head. Get a really good lather and go back in with the scalp massager for a minute.

8. Before the full rinse, wash ends of hair and finish with conditioner or any other masks and treatments.

Now let’s talk about this fun little tool!

A scalp massager shampoo brush is a handheld brush made of silicone or rubber, some have a battery vibrating feature too. You may be wondering why you need a brush to wash your hair. You use a cloth, brush, loofah or sponge to cleanse your body, right? Well, a shampoo brush offers a deeper clean just like those other body products. It also has some added benefits such as:

  • Exfoliates
  • Distributes shampoo easier
  • Stimulates cells, increasing blood flow
  • Removes dead skin cells and product build up
  • Can decrease flake and dandruff
  • Can promote hair growth
  • As a result of a healthy scalp, promotes longer, thicker stronger and healthier hair.
  • Not only does it offer hair and scalp benefits, but head massages are linked to decreased stress and headaches.

I personally have noticed a huge difference in my scalp since adding this into my routine! Plus, it feels so good and is a little act of self care!

I would love to hear your experience! Have you used a shampoo brush?
I hope these tips and product recommendations are helpful and if you’ve been having a hard time transitioning to natural products hopefully this makes it easier!

Copyright, Mindful Mommy, Meghan Smallwood