Let’s head to my Laundry Room!

It wouldn’t be a day in our house if there weren’t stains. Life as a mom of 3.. I know you all know what I’m talking about!

I used to dread the messy moments like splashing in muddy puddles, drinking smoothies without a bibby, or doing arts and crafts without a smock. I want them to explore, play, be messy and have fun but I’m totally that mom dying a little inside during the mess thinking to myself, “Oh lovely, another stain..” or “hmm I wonder if that’s going to come out or is it going in the donate pile too.” And then of course, “Quick take it off so I can pretreat it before it’s a lost cause!” Anyone else?

Not anymore because of my stain removers!

Here are a couple oops moments we had last week..

Example 1: My adventurous 3 year old got a hold of a black permanent marker and wrote all over her quilt .. LAST WEEK! I just pretreated it yesterday when I stripped bedding. I snapped a pic before treating it thinking in my head that there was no way it would come out since I waited so long, but I tried anyway.
You guys, it came out!! I’m not lying when I say I have yet to find a stain I couldn’t get out with this stain stick!! It is a mom’s best friend.

Example 2: Blood. Michael wasn’t watching where he was walking and cut his foot on our air purifier right before putting Lyla down for her nap. Didn’t realize he was bleeding and stained her bedding. Stain stick got it out hours later no problem!

There were a lot more stains I didn’t even get a pic of but they all came out!

I pretreated the stains with the stain stick and then used my detergent and oxygen boost…
Then Dryer Angel with dryer balls
.. and our bedding came out fresh and clean!

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