Mattresses, toppers and pillows can be toxic to our health, and considering how much time we spend in bed, this is an important swap to make!

Did you know you’ll spend nearly one-third of your life in bed? For this reason I highly recommend investing in toxin free alternatives. Not only is it better for your health, but also the environment!

“Study after study shows that the chemically treated materials commonly used in our manufacturing and building processes negatively impact human health. By releasing toxic chemicals, these materials contaminate our air, water, food supplies, and environment through the processes of volatilization (off-gassing), abrasion, leaching, and oxidation.”

Here is a list of certifications and labels you’ll want to look for when searching for mattress toppers:

Organic Cotton
Organic Wool
Organic Latex
GOLS Certified
GOTS Certified
MADE SAFE Non-Toxic Certified
No flame retardants, toxic chemicals and undisclosed glues and treatments.

Safe Mattress Topper Options:

Avocado Green
Naturally Nestled
Plush Beds
White Lotus
Savvy Rest

Which brands do you love that I can add to the list! Stay tuned for a full post about pillows and bedding! I’ll also add them to our Toxin Free Masterlist!

Know Better. Do Better.

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