Ditch Neosporin

Neosporin is a medicine cabinet staple for most families. I know growing up myself, Neosporin was a go to anytime I got a cut. But is it safe and is there a better option? Here are some alternatives!

First, let’s talk about why we skip Neosporin in our house…

For everyday boo boos a triple antibiotic ointment just isn’t necessary.

Antibiotics have a time and a place. If overused, they can prevent the body from building natural immunities and lead to antibiotic resistance. Our skin contains bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that are actually good. This collection of microorganisms on our skin is called our skin microbiome or flora. They help protect us. Unfortunately, these good organisms can be killed by antibiotics such as those in Neosporin.

Allergic reactions and irritation…

Neosporin contains Neomycin, Bacitracin and Polymyxin. Neomycin and bacitracin were named Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Association (ACDA) in 2010 and 2003. Neomycin creates an allergic reaction in approximately 10% of consumers, while 9.2% reacted negatively to bacitracin, with reactions ranging from skin rash to anaphylaxis.

Neosporin contains Petroleum…

This popular ingredient can be found in many personal care and beauty products. Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the oil refining process. It is not sustainable or eco-friendly. Petroleum based products contain other harmful chemicals like 1,4 dioxane, a known carcinogen. Petroleum jelly can’t be metabolized by the skin and just sits as a barrier. There are many other ingredients that will benefit the skin with nutrients and not just sit on top of it.

Let’s take a look at some toxin free options that will nourish, protect and help heal minor cuts, scraps, burns, bites, blisters and all those other little ouchies.

First Honey
Green Goo
Earth Mama
 Skin & Scar Balm
Active Skin Repair


What do you use in your house?

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