Toxins in your Blush?

Teflon.. most women know not to cook with it but the majority of women don’t know they are wearing it on their face all day!
Yep you read that right.. TEFLON in makeup! And that’s not all.. keep reading for a list of some other toxic ingredients in your blush!

Toxins in your blush

Blush is a must have product for the majority of women. It instantly brings life to your face. Like a lot of other women, if I am running out the door and I’m not doing a full face I always do a quick sweep of blush (and highlighter because I’m obsessed!)

But have you ever stopped to look at the ingredients you’re applying to your face and your largest organ (your skin!)

❕Remember, our skin absorbs what we apply to it and those toxins get distributed throughout our entire body via our bloodstream. So your innocent blush may not be so innocent. It may be slowly adding to your total body burden every day. Let’s take a look at the toxins in your blush!

Banished Ingredients in many brands:

❌Parabens (e.g. Isobutylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, etc.)
❌Lake Dyes & FD&C Colorants (eg. Red 40)
❌Formaldehyde Releasers (e.g. Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea)
❌Aluminum Powder
❌Propylene Glycol
❌Retinyl Palmitate
❌Mineral Oil
❌Bismuth Oxychloride
❌Unethically Sourced Mica
❌Heavy Metal Contamination
❌Pesticide and Glyphosate Contamination from non organic ingredients
Not to mention MANY still test on animals 😭 (Must be Leaping Bunny Certified to be sure no animal testing was done, not just “Cruelty Free” Read more here.)

As I was doing research for this post I was looking up ingredient labels of popular blush brands and took note of any that I found that had at least one of the above ingredients.

Here are the offenders:
🚫Bare Minerals
🚫Beauty Counter
🚫Charlotte Tilbury
🚫IT cosmetics
🚫Jane Iredale
🚫Mary Kay
🚫Physicians Formula
🚫Thrive Causmetics
🚫Too Faced
🚫Wet n Wild
And MANY more!

This is why I am super picky with my beauty products! This industry lacks regulations and safety testing. Companies can pretty much put whatever they want in a formula and women often trust if it’s on shelves it must be safe. Unfortunately it’s just not the case.

We deserve better! Stop poisoning yourself. You may not immediately see the effects on the outside but over time all of these ingredients DO add up and can cause break outs, acne, hormone disruption, infertility, organ toxicity, cancer and so much more.

Toxins in Blush

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Be well, my friends!
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