You want to decrease the toxins you’re exposed to in your home but aren’t sure where to start. Here are 10 simple steps to a detoxed home!

I often get messages that sound something like, “Hey Meghan, I just started following Mindful Mommy and I am totally new to this toxin free lifestyle. I’m trying to clean up my home. Where do I start?!”

Before we dive into some beginning steps you can take to detox your home…

A few things to remember:

Everyone started somewhere. The first steps are the most intimidating and I often hear people say the overwhelm prevents them from even starting. With every safe swap you make, you’ll feel more and more empowered to continue.. and who knows, you may even start to have fun! My biggest piece of advice is to just START!

Small steps ARE progress.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

Always be learning and improving.

Now, let’s start detoxing! 10 Simple Steps to a Detoxed Home!

1. Ditch the bottled water and get a filter! I cannot stress enough the importance of high quality water! The best thing we ever invested in was a whole house and RO system. Here’s my sweet girl when we got it installed! Our water is filtered, purified, remineralized, ionized making it alkaline with antioxidants and electrolytes. For a full post on water filtration and to learn all about our system, see post and discount in Mindful Mommy.

Bottled water is not of good quality and it also exposes you to plastic. It is also terrible for the planet and more expensive! Researchers recently tested bottled water for micro plastic particles and found that 93 per cent of the water tested contained some sort of microplastic, including polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

2. Ditch the microwave! There are many easy options you can use instead. We use a toaster oven and stovetop to cook or reheat. I promise, you CAN live without a microwave! It’s actually very easy and there’s never a single moment I wish I had one. Although some disagree, I believe food tastes better and has a higher nutritional value.

3. Ditch teflon pans. Switch to glass, stainless steel, cast iron or some ceramic like here, here, or here.  When heated to high temperatures, PTFE can start to break down and release toxic gas fumes that cause flu-like symptoms. Breathing these fumes can be hazardous to both humans and pets, especially birds.

4. Ditch the Keurig and coffee pot with plastic pieces. See this post for the reasons why, as well as toxin free brewing options like a french press and chemex.
Steps to detox your home: Plastic free coffee makers

5. Ditch plastic.

Look around your kitchen:
You especially want to eliminate the plastic around heat and anything you consume. Cooking utensils, bowls, cups, food storage, cutting boards, kids cups, ect. Switch to glass, stainless steel, silicone, wood or bamboo.
Ditch plastic wrap, ziplock bags and tin foil. Switch to beeswax wraps, silicone bags. Reusable options are not only better for you, but also the planet. There are a lot of great options here and here (10% coupon code “MindfulMommy”)

Look in your bathroom:
Ditch the vinyl shower curtain. Plastic and heat do not mix. Switch to cotton or hemp, available here and here.
Ditch the plastic loofah. There are so many great options! Switch to a cloth like here, here, here or here, Ayate, natural exfoliating loofah here or here, sea sponge, konjac body sponge, hemp sponge,  agave fiber cloth or sisal sponge. Coupon for all Earth Hero “MindfulMommy”.

6. Ditch indoor fragrances/fresheners/ deodorizes/ plug ins/ candles. Switch to purifying plants, essential oils, charcoal bags, Force of Nature, Grow, Sealove candles (coupon code MindfulMommy10) and purify your air with a purifier($300 off coupon).
Steps to Detox your home: air purifier

7. Ditch dryer sheets and toxic laundry products that pollute your home and expose your body to toxins. Switch to a dryer angel and MyGreenFills (100 free loads) for toxin free products that perform, reduce plastic waste and save you money! They make my absolute favorite laundry products that I even use on carpets, couches and upholstery, sinks, tubs and toilets!

Steps to Detox your home: dryer sheets!

8. Ditch toxic cleaners. There are many options to switch to including homemade but my favorite disinfectant is Force of Nature! I use it on everything from counters and floors to hard and soft surfaces. My favorite all purpose cleaner is Branch Basics ($10 off) concentrate that makes everything from hand and dish soap to laundry, bathroom and window cleaner.
10 steps to detox your home: Toxin Free Disinfectant

9. Get EMF protection and limit your exposure by unplugging your router when not in use. Turn off computer, phones, baby monitors, and other devices. Neutralize EMFs with stickers, plug ins, powders, crystals, ect. We use these products in our home!

10. Ditch toxic bedding, mattresses, toppers, pillows, rugs, furniture, ect. This is the area that will probably take the longest and will be the most expensive part of your home detox. Replace items over time and remember even if you can’t make these swaps all at once, every swap is still progress!
A couple options:
Bed, bath rugs and home shop.
Bed and bath shop. 
Mattress, pillow, bedding furniture shop,  shop, shop, shop.
Bean bags, fillings, pillows, shower curtains, yoga mats, dog beds shop.
Rugs shop, shop.
Home and building shop.

There you have it.. my top 10 steps to a detoxed home!
Stay tuned for our next edition, “Steps to a detoxed personal care routine!”

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Be well, my friends!

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